#dontfeelgross in 2020

Get off the diet/binge hamster wheel and learn 

Imperfect Eating: how to have some pizza without eating all the pizza.


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Diets are dumb, and moderation is key.

Learning to eat some pizza without eating all the pizza has taken the place of the all-or-nothing mindset.

Hey there!

Jaclyn here.


I spent most of my life feeling frantic and scattered- thinking a diet would solve my problems! 



"If I could just get to being skinny! If I could just be perfect with food! Then everything would be fine!"

After several rounds of Whole30, 21 Day Fix, and counting calories, the result was always the same.


When I was on the diet, I was waaaay on the diet. 
I was a perfect eater.

But when the diet was done, 

I was waaaay off the diet.

I couldn't just have a slice of pizza.

No, I was eating all the pizza plus a

chocolate cake and chocolate millk to

wash it down.

And I'd gain back whatever weight I had lost on the diet.

And then the self-loathing set in.

"Wow, you did it again, Jaclyn. Wtf is wrong wtih you?"

Dieting left me feeling GROSS AF, frantic, and scattered.

"Which diet should I do next? Which diet will solve my problems?"

After years of this, I realized, dieting would not solve my problems.

Figuring out a way to be confident

and consistent would.

Imperfect Eating was born. 

Imperfect Eating is not a "lose weight fast" gimmick.

It's a framework answering the question, 

"How can I learn to eat for the rest of my life?"


To be at a healthy and sustainable weight,

you're going to have to eat healthy and

sustanably for the rest of your life.

Moderation + Imperfect Eating is the

way to go!

I teach you how to be confident and

consistent on your road to success,

and yes, learn to eat some of the

pizza without eating all the pizza.


Are you looking for weight loss?

Cool. You first have to learn how to eat sustainably. How to stop yo-yoing. Imperfect Eating will help you become a sustainable eater for life instead of a dieter/binger. Bye 30 day perfect diets!

"If I knew how to eat moderately, I'd just be doing that already!"

Exactly. You've never been taught. You've only been ON A DIET or WAY OFF OF A DIET.

Let me teach you HOW to eat some of the pizza without eating all of the pizza.

Apply to work with Jaclyn Get the Free 52 Wk Course

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Apply to work with Jaclyn Get the Free 52 Wk Course

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