How to REDUCE ANXIETY and GET. SHIT. DONE. during this shit storm



So a lot has changed in the world.


Chicago is under a shelter-in-place order, and it can feel really overwhelming to think about everything happening.


A few weeks, I saw people people in FB groups upset about the Tokyo Marathon being cancelled, but we still didn't know how serious this was or how quickly it would spread.


Last Saturday, Chicago declared a shelter-in-place order, and I think that's when things felt really real.

I went to my co-working space one last time last Thursday to print a few things,

and then when I woke up on Friday, it felt like the world had fallen apart.


I go to my co-working space for my mental health.


A few months, I was trying to decide if I needed to go to see a therapist or join a gym or join a co-working space or get a part-time job to see people. I knew the reason I felt depressed was because I was lacking human interaction. I do all my work on the computer. My best friend broke up with me a few...

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Anixety super high because you're consuming a lot of media?



You're following the 2 big rules, right?

1. Stay home.

2. Wash your hands.



SOooooo do you really need to be checking social media or

CNN for updates every 2 seconds?




Is it helping you feel safer?

Or is it making your anxiety feel worse?




That was me last Friday.

Constantly consuming media

thinking it was going to make me feel better

to stay informed



but just kept making me feel worse.



And I never got any new pertinent information.



Just stay home. That's the big one. FOLLOW THAT.




I have been somewhat consistently

using a morning checklist for a while,




but after Friday, I decided that 

using one is no longer a negotiable.




I need my checklist so that I do not consume all the media.



(Just like I need my 5ps so I don't consume all the pizza.)




I need my...

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Just wanting to eat carbs and cheese right now?


Are you eating all the carbs and cheese right now? I hear ya.


I was looking at the box of mixed greens in my fridge and was like,

"I just don’t think I can chew that right now.

Why does chewing lettuce sound so hard right now?

I just want carbs. And cheese."



And then I saw leftover rice in my fridge and was like,

"Ok. That sounds good. I think I could do that.

That feels easy to eat."

I don't know why eating feels hard??!

And then I saw tortillas and was like, "I know, I’ll make a quesadilla!"

Which isn't groundbreaking because I’ve eaten a quesadilla like every night this week.



1. I GAVE MYSELF PERMISSION to eat the quesadilla.

Be the fucking kid right now. Eat for pleasure and not for fuel.



2. Then I was like, “Great! You get to eat the fun food you want.

But you know that won’t fill you up.

You’ll be hungry again in 5 minutes.

What else could you eat with this that will actually...

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How to create a morning schedule to run your day instead of letting your day run you


On Friday, I said I was going to write this blog on Sunday, and today is Sunday and the country has changed a ton over the last few days.


Chicago schools and restaurants are closed, and we'll be at home for a long-time.


There are tons of things out of your control right now, but there are a few things that are in your control that will help you manage stress:

1. What you eat (MEALS)

2. How you move your body (MOVEMENT) 

3. The thoughts you think and the way you respond to things happening (MINDSET) 

4. Getting to bed at your bedtime with 0 technology in your bedroom (SLEEP)


These are the things I work on with my 1:1 clients. They usually come to me because they want to lose weight or want a normal relationship with food, and Geneen Roth reminds us that our relationship with food can be seen in our relationship with the world. We're often emotional eaters because we don't know how to handle emotions, and we eat because it's the best solution we've...

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How to deal with your race being cancelled!


You can listen to the podcast here! 

So this as I am writing this blog/podcast, it is a crazy time in the world. The Coronavirus pandamonium has hit the U.S. 


Many of my 1:1 clients are working from home because their offices closed to prevent the spread. Their kids' schools are closed. I have a few clients who are in college, and their colleges are closed.


And yesterday, I received the news that the marathon I was scheduled to run in 4 weeks has been postponed until 2021. I guess the good news is that I didn't lose my money. I'll have this race next year to look forward to.


And if you listened to last week's episode, I've been dealing with ongoing hip and knee pain.. for like years. I started seeing a physical therapist last year and have been consistent with my exercises using my #365 Habit Tracker, but my knee and hip have not gotten to 100%. So I finally got to a point where I was like this pain is not normal, I want to move away from feeling...

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Are you tired all the time and turning to caffeine and sugar to keep yourself going? Try this!


Fun fact: When I first started coaching women on Imperfect Eating, I was only teaching things like Pizza Friday and Single Serving Desserts.

I thought it was about the food.

And these are fun and important topics.

Nutrition is important.

But I learned through coaching others that a lot of our problems with food have nothing to do with food. 


I found out that a lot of time people are turning to fun foods because hi, they're tired! SOOO tired. Sleep deprived!


Their bodies are tired and the best solution they find is quick food.


It's not really a self-control issue but rather a lack of energy issue.


Food can provide energy, but there is something else your body needs to get energy too!




Without sleep, it doesn't matter what meal plan you are attempting to do.

Even the 5Ps.


Instead of trying to follow a perfect meal plan,

instead of restricting food,

ask yourself,


"What does my body...

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Should you do another Whole30?


Have you tried to do a 30 day clean eating challenge and you're super clean for 30 days,
but then on day 31, 32, and onnnnn
you kinda fall apart?
You're not alone.
Instead of being super restrictive for 30 days,
what if you tried learning how to eat in a way you can do
How? I have my 1:1 clients do these things. You can too!
1. Include plants, protein, a lil processed fun food, + plenty of water, and also plate your meals!
2. When you mess up, because you're human and you will mess-up, de-escalate the situation. Realize that messing up doesn't mean you're fundamentally flawed but rather that you probably just fell back into an old mindet loop or your actions were on auto-pilot. Literally everyone messes up when they're learning something new.
3. Start practicing the thoughts and beliefs of the person you want to be. "I am someone who feels good in her body. I choose foods that make me...
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struggling to start a new habit?



For the past few years, I've been really struggling to lift weights consistently.


To be honest, I don't love lifting weights.

Which sometimes puts me at odds with all my personal trainer friends. They LOVE lifting weights... and they love writing super complicated training plans. But I don't love lifting weights. And I've signed up for a bunch of freebies over the years, but I have struggled to consistently lift.


A few years ago, I was really into at-home workout programs, and I was lifting consistently, but I was also taking progress photos every day to notice where my body still had fat and I was getting on the scale several times a day... 


So lifting weights coincided with one of the most unhealthy periods of my life.


When I decided to stop being obsessed with my body, I stopped lifting.


I knew I should lift, but I couldn't get myself to do it.



So then I paid $1800 to work with an...

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Is everyone on social media happier than you?



I was in the middle of my 100 Day Running Streak 4 years ago which sounds super impressive and cool. I loved getting external validation on this.

"Wow. You're killing it."

"You're so committed."

"I wish I was as disciplined as you!"


Hearing that stuff felt good because I wasn't really killing it in any other area of my life.

I had just left teaching the year before, and then I got a job at a start-up in downtown Chicago. Then Paul was like, "Hey! Let's move to Atlanta!"

So I was 31 years old.

A master's degree, $tudent loan$, + no teaching job.

Leaving the only job that hired me with no experience.

And moving to Atlanta.

With my boyfriend of many years. Not my husband. Not my fiance. My boyfriend.




And I looked on social media and would see everyone else's perfect and happy lives. They were successful, but I was a fuck up.

Jamie just bought a giant house in the suburbs with her husband, and now they're welcoming their 3rd child.

Emily is now a...

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Saying F It with Food While on a Trip? Try this instead.

Do you say F IT and eat everything when you are on a trip?
You're not alone! And it's not because there's something wrong with you or that you're fundamentally flawed.
Chances are you were taught to be so rigid with healthy eating in your every day life that when you go on vacation,
it's the first time you can release control and you release it to the max.
The answer isn't to be rigid on vacation.
The answer is to loosen up a bit in your every day life.
Allow treats into your every day life so that treats on vacation feel pretty normal.
I want to tell you about
Amanda Ragusa
Amanda is one of the gals in my Imperfect Eating Bootcamp. Like most of my clients, she's done all the diets in the past. And all the diets trained her to be super restrictive before vacation and then lose all control while on vacation. Ever eat in excess on a cruise and come home 10lbs heavier? (I HAVE!)
Amanda was in Nashville last week and...
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