Leaving my career would mean the end of the "perfect life" I imagined

Uncategorized Aug 01, 2019

I was in a career that I hated, and it was taking a toll on my mental and physical health.


You don’t make much $ as a teacher, and my medical bills were ridiculous. I was at the Target Clinic every month and at the ear, nose, and throat doctor every few months. I had pink eye, ring worm, and strep throat which would always turn into a throat infection.


When I wasn’t sick, I was still sick. I called those years being “perpetually sick.” I always had a little bit of phlegm and a terrible cough that wouldn’t go away no matter what medication or remedy I tried.

I had an eye twitch that would last for weeks when it came and a ball of anxiety in my chest that made it hard to breathe. I had panic attacks every Sunday night, and sometimes I’d have panic attacks on Friday knowing that Sunday would be here before I knew it. I’d frequent the immediate care center and pray I wouldn’t have to pay for more x-rays and that I...

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I used to be really afraid of Girl Scout cookies

Uncategorized Jul 22, 2019

I used to be really afraid of Girl Scout cookies.

I’ve been working on the Imperfect Eating brand for almost a year now, and women come to me all the time:

“I used to be afraid of carrots.”

“I used to be afraid of rice.”

“I used to be afraid of the honey in my RX Nut Butter.”

“I used to be afraid of grocery shopping because what used to be easy turned into hours of second guessing what I was allowed to eat. Am I dieting or am I eating? What do I buy?”


This. Is. What. The. Perfect. Clean. Eating. Movement. Has. Turned. Us. Into.


Afraid of really minuscule things.


Last night on my 12 mile run, I was listening to the latest episode of Freakonomics. Which I love. Stephen J. Dubner was interviewing Sylvia Acevedo, the CEO of The Girl Scouts.


He asked her what her thoughts were on selling cookies when our country is struggling with health problems.


And I wanted to scream,
"Learning to eat Girl Scout...

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The Imperfect Eating Timeline

Uncategorized Jul 18, 2019

It's completely normal to feel any of these on your journey with food. You might need to repeat the lessons a few times to move on. It'll probably take you several months- a few years to feel normal around food.  This might feel like a long time, but when you consider how many years you've been trying to make a diet work, this is a drop in the bucket. Learning Imperfect Eating for your life is an ongoing practice. You're doing okay. 

Let's start!


The Imperfect Eating Timeline:

Excited because there is novelty and a sense of joy in doing something for yourself kinda like starting a new diet


Scared because maybe this isn’t working or won’t work or someone else’s diet is working and this feels stagnant


Empowered because you get to make decisions for yourself


Scared because you have to make decisions for yourself


Empowered because you see the mental constraints you once had in the diet world and now you have a...

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Can I eat a cookie on a diet?

If you feel like you’re a carb addict, cool, a lot of people do. There’s nothing wrong with you. Carbs are delicious. This is why a lot of people turn to diets like keto, Whole30, and low-carb.


They're afraid they're overdoing it on the carbs.


But let's break this down.

What we call carbs is an oversimplification.


Food HAS carbs. Food isn’t carbs. Vegetables have carbs. Fruit has carbs. Rice has carbs. Potatoes have carbs. Beans have carbs. Bread has carbs. Cookies have carbs. Donuts have carbs.


I think sometimes we demonize “carbs” which puts them on a pedestal so when we do have them, we feel guilty, we feel bad, and we haven’t had them in so long so we binge and the only way we know out of the binge, the only way we know how to recover is to deprive. To restrict.


So we tell ourselves we’re carb addicts. We put a label on ourselves.



And we feel “good” when we turn one down. This...

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Holiday Overeating- Your Mindset Matters


Eating fun foods is fun. It's in the sentence so it has to be true.


Food is everywhere during the holidays, and it can be stressful AF if you are used to being perfect with food and don't know how to handle imperfect food situations.



It can be stressful AF if you OVERTHINK it and allow it to be stressful.


We've all experienced overeating fun foods. It's uncomfortable. Stomachache. Have to unbutton the jeans or borrow Phoebe's maternity pants. Maybe ya feel sleepy AF. It happens. Imperfect eating is imperfect. Life is imperfect. Accept it, yo.


Overeating is often demonized! (A lot of things are these days.)


Overeating sucks, but it's literally not the end of the world. People overeat, deal with the consequences of feeling like shit, and move on with life. I think in my clean eating/binge eating days, I demonized imperfect foods so much that the fear of overeating consumed me. I stressed myself out to the point that if I did eat a bit...

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