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Do these 3 things to get yourself unstuck




It can be so frustrating.

You know what you need to do,

but you’re not doing it.



You feel stuck.



Everyone around you seems to be doing great,

but you can't get yourself to do the thing you know how to do.



You think maybe you need to be a jerk to yourself so you do the thing,

but you also know being a jerk to yourself

has never worked long-term in the past.



If you want to keep moving forward,

you’ve got to learn

how to handle being stuck

without being a jerk to yourself.



Here are the 3 things

you need to do today

to KINDLY get yourself unstuck.






Need some helping

making this your reality?



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Is your friend doing Noom/Keto/Whole30/Weight Watchers, and you're like, "Well... maybe...."



When you were little,


and you

complained about your brother

to your mom,

did she say, "Worry about yourself"????




Cool. It's great advice.

Keep your blinders on


figure out what you need for you.




I had to learn for myself that even if other people

are being super permissive with






and money,

it doesn't mean that me

being permissive

will make me feel good.


And then people might swing

to being super authoritarian







and money,

and it doesn't mean
that I need to be that way either.


If your friend

is doing Noom, Keto, Whole30, Weight Watchers,



it doesn't mean that you have to do it too.





Put your blinders on.



And figure out what authoritative means

for you.



Figure out what structure you need

to feel good/not gross.



Tracking food on an...

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How to enjoy moving in your right-now body




"I'll just keep hating on myself
and punishing my body
until I get skinny,
and then I'll somehow
magically like myself!!"

Is this you?

A lot of my clients come to me
because they've done the Whole100
and the 90 Day Bootcamp
and they still don't like themselves.

Then they find themselves
not exercising at all
and not eating any vegetables.

They went from authoritarian
to permissive
to neglectful.

To be more authoritative
and learn to LIKE YOURSELF
while moving your body
and eating great foods,
try working on your MINDSET.
Try this out:

1. 3 min journal before you workout
2. 15 min workout
3. 5 min journal after your workout

I teach my clients
to do this every day in
The Morning Crew.

You can learn to like yourself
but only if you deliberately
work on changing
your thoughts and beliefs.

You will not magically like yourself
once you lose 25lbs.

(I'm evidence of that!
Did everything to the max
and still hated myself!)

The Morning Crew is a 16-week
with me
guiding you
to be...

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Why do you keep doing Whole30s?


"I'll eat perfectly for 30 days

and then that will discipline me to

eat perfectly for life."



Is that the thought

that is running through your head

every time you decide to do a #Whole30?




I hear ya.

I used to do that too.

And after my 4th perfect Whole30

and the binge that followed,




I started shifting

my way of thinking.

Why did I have to keep restarting Whole30?

And why do I have

to keep doing them?

Like if it actually worked,

wouldn't I just know how to eat

by now?

Why do I keep bingeing after Whole30?



Instead of maximums that

you are only able to sustain

for a short period of time...

what about minimums

that you could sustainably do for life?




The books The Compound Effect,

Atomic Habits,

and The Slight Edge teacher this message.

Seriously- the best books about healthy eating

have nothing to do with nutrition

but with habits,

thoughts and beliefs,

and consistency.





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How to create HELPFUL STRUCTURE to move along without being a jerk to yourself


I have some helpful structure for your week,

but first, a story!

My mom and I have been walking together

every-ish day at 8:30am for the last 1.5 months.


My mom is a manager at a library,

and they've been closed for the last 2 months.

The first few weeks of being at home were novel at first.

No work! Yay- do whatever. 



But then the weeks became heavy and formless.



I said, "Mom. I walk by myself in the morning.

Maybe we could start walking together??

Eh? Just walking."



I've had my habit of walking Jameson

and walking myself for the last 6 months,

so the habit changed just a lilttle bit

to add in my mom.

(On the phone. My mom lives an hour away!)


At 8:30am, we call each other.

And walk. And chat. And cry. And laugh.



We've been repeating

this for the last 1.5 months.



Today I called my mom at 8:32am,

confused why she hadn't called me yet.



Oh! She was on...

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How to get in the headspace to START ANYTHING AT ANY AGE with Bruce McIntosh


"I'm too old. It's too late."

Have you ever said that?

I can remember saying that at age 17 about starting a new sport...

At age 24 about finding a life partner...

At age 30 about figuring out a new career...

And I'm sure several times throughout my 20s about becoming a runner... 


Bruce McIntosh started running at age 38 and started his podcast at age 53.

He's now completed 34 half marathons,

1 virtual half marathon,

12 full marathons,

and over 85 episodes of his podcast,

Justa Runners Podcast (including an interview with Deena Kastor!)


He's an inspiration to run and really to do anything in life.

You can do anything you want. At any age. You just have to start.


Listen here: https://youarearunner.libsyn.com/ep-112-how-to-get-in-the-headspace-to-start-anything-at-any-age-with-bruce-mcintosh


3 Easy Steps to Stop Feeling Gross While Working From Home

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How to STOP STAYING STUCK and just start being ACTIVE with Lyn Lindbergh





How to stop being stuck: just start something small!

Something you actually like.


Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Trial and error.

Figure out a system that makes sense.

And repeat, repeat, repeat.


Lyn was on my podast 2 years ago! Episode 24! 

So much has changed in the last 2 years!

I recorded our first episode

living in a tiny studio apartment in Atlanta

while sitting on a camping chair.

The podcast has grown over the last 2.5 years,

but only because I started back then, found something I liked,

created a system that made sense to me, and repeat, repeat, repeat.


Lyn and I chat about getting started with movement

and being active, especially during a pandemic!



"What actually makes us healthy?"

An interesting question to ask yourself right about now!

Do you need to be training for a marathon or an utlra right now?

Do you need to be going hard and "killing" your body with an intense workout?

Or does your body just need movement?


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How to STAY ON TRACK WITH RUNNING by learning to listen to your body with Karly Borden


Are you one of those people who is constantly starting and stopping training plans?


Maybe you've started Couchto5k more times than you can count?
Maybe you get injured?
Or you take on too much and get overwhelmed?
You develop an unhealthy relationship with running and your body and have to take a break?
You go too fast and can't keep up?
Maybe you only run when you're trying to lose weight and when you stop caring about changing your body, you stop running?
(p.s. These are all reasons I've stopped running in the past.)
I chat with Coach Karly Borden who is more than just a running coach but really a body coach, a habit coach, and a life coach.
Here's how to keep running... just like how if you want to be a healthy eater, you don't strictly follow a meal plan for 30 days and stop...
Staying on track with running has nothing to do with a strict training plan. She teaches you how to keep running.

Have a listen and lemme know how you keep running.



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How to NOT go from Couch to 5k to Physical Therapy with Erika Tabur



HEY! Did you decide to start running because it's one of the few ways you can exercise during the pandemic? Welcome! Now let's talk about keeping your body safe so that you can actually run and run well.


No, I'm not talking about speed here. I'm talking about helping, protecting, and strengthening your body... Something not really mentioned in the Couch to 5k program.

A convo with my day:

My dad- So you have to exercise so that you can exercise?

Me- Yeah. Basically.


Erika Tabur has 10 years of experience as a personal trainer and has seen waaaaaay too many people go from couch to 5k to physical therapy.

(And let's be honest- a lot of people just back to the couch again and scratch any form of movement!)

We chat about how to keep your body safe and Erika shares her own recovery journey and how she's finally back to running! Baby steps there.

Checkout episode 108 of Actually You Are a Real Runner and lemme know below how you're keeping your body active and...

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How to eat while WFH to actually help your mental health


Listen to the podcast.



If you feel gross from food while working from home, you’re not alone!



And no, you don’t need to do a restrictive diet to feel better.




It’s actually completely normal to


swing from


Authoritarian (strict rules- like when you’re at your work building or on a diet)


To being


Permissive (like laying in pajamas all day or eating ice cream, pizza, and cookies all day.)



Authoritarian doesn’t really feel good and permissive doesn’t feel good…



But there is something else which is


Authoritative- you set yourself up with some flexible guidelines


To help you feel good and not gross!




We might think that snacking on crackers all day is going to help us feel better,

But we usually just feel physically shitty and then beat ourselves up.





to HELP your mental,...

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