Holiday Overeating- Your Mindset Matters


Eating fun foods is fun. It's in the sentence so it has to be true.


Food is everywhere during the holidays, and it can be stressful AF if you are used to being perfect with food and don't know how to handle imperfect food situations.



It can be stressful AF if you OVERTHINK it and allow it to be stressful.


We've all experienced overeating fun foods. It's uncomfortable. Stomachache. Have to unbutton the jeans or borrow Phoebe's maternity pants. Maybe ya feel sleepy AF. It happens. Imperfect eating is imperfect. Life is imperfect. Accept it, yo.


Overeating is often demonized! (A lot of things are these days.)


Overeating sucks, but it's literally not the end of the world. People overeat, deal with the consequences of feeling like shit, and move on with life. I think in my clean eating/binge eating days, I demonized imperfect foods so much that the fear of overeating consumed me. I stressed myself out to the point that if I did eat a bit...

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