From Binge Eating to Imperfect Eating

We obsess, restrict, and then binge.

The restriction is causing the binge. 

Restriction does not solve a binge.

There's another way. 

It's imperfect eating.


No more perfection!

How Is the Course Delivered?

This is a virtual educational course accessed via an online classroom. It includes 6 weeks of emailed lessons/video + unlimited coaching via email.

Who Is The Course Meant For?

This course is designed for women who have tried every diet under the sun and have not been able to keep up with the overwhelming amount of rules, prep, guilt, anxiety, and madness when it comes to food and dieting: “Is this food clean? Will this make me fat? Do I need to do extra cardio because I ate this? We’re going on vacation, and I am nervous about food. What if I binge and gain all the weight back? Oh no, I ate a non-compliant food! Oh F it- I will just start again on Monday.” ALL OF THE RESTRICTION LEADS TO EVENTUAL BINGE EATING.

Who Is The Course Not For?

This course is not meant for weight loss but rather to help you work on feeling less crazy around food. You *may* lose weight in the process, but weight loss is not a direct goal. Those diets, meal plans, and workout programs may work in the short-run, but they also can make you feel more obsessed, more anxious, and more crazy around food. Meal plans teach you to restrict your favorite foods to get a quick and not sustainable weight loss. If you are looking for a “lose weight fast” program, this course is not for you. But we can chat in a few months when you're tired of being obsessed with food and diets and whatever new meal plan is big on social media. 

Restricting Is Hurting Us in the Long Run

In a world where everyone has an opinion about what is healthy, it can be tough to break through the mindset of dieting.

We tried restricting carbs, and then we ate all the carbs.
We tried restricting sugar, and then bounced back and ate all the sugar.
We tried restricting our favorite foods and followed someone's meal plan, and then we ate all of the things we weren't allowed to have on the meal plan.

We fear if we are not perfect with food, we will gain weight, but the madness that meal plans create isn't worth it anymore. We feel like we need to control and deprive, but the latest research shows us that a more moderate and compassionate approach to food will actually help us in the long-run.

This course is for women who are simply fed-up with the extreme approaches to food that lead to the eventual binge eating. They want to have positive relationship with food. They just want to be normal people around food. They want a life where they can have a donut without it turning into 13 donuts.


From Clean/Binge Eating to Imperfect Eating


  • The Imperfect Eating guide to life

         (hint: it doesn't involve a perfect meal plan)

  • The Restrict to Binge Pendulum
  • Understanding the Hunger/Fullness Scale
  • Satisfaction Tools
  • Environmental and Emotional Reasons We Eat 
  • Mindfulness Tools to Have a Little Bit Without A Lotta Bit
  • Abundance vs Scarcity Language
  • Challenging Our Language Around Food and Our Bodies
  • Building Trust in Ourselves (NOT control)
  • Single Serving Treats

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope. And that can feel scary because we like control: we like feeling safe, and we like things neatly wrapped in a bow. We like to control things so that we can get an expected outcome.

Buuuut lemme ask you- have you been successful with any of the meal plans your past health gurus have given you? 

Meal plans work.. diets work.. the all or nothing mindset works... until they stop working, the sustainability becomes harder to do, and we start looking for the next flashy diet that promises to cure all our problems. 

This course is going to require you to do a little work. YOU are going to be your own health guru. YOU are going to learn what's best for you, your body, your schedule, your life, your budget, your personality, your tastebuds... You know you better than any person on the internet. Freals. And if you don't yet, that's okay. I didn't know myself 5 years ago. And then I learned. That's why we are here. 

THIS IS NOT A CHALLENGE GROUP. This is not a weight loss group. If you are already exercising, keep doing what makes you feel good. If you are not exercising right now, put the big, lofty goals on the back-burner for right now. In the past, you've tried tackling food AND exercise at the same time, and if you're anything like me, it was too much all at once. If you do decide to start exercising, I recommend a morning, afternoon, and/or evening walk with your pup or significant other. If you want to start a class, keep it simple and go 1 or 2 times a week. PLEASE DO NOT START TRYING TO EXERCISE 7 DAYS A WEEK. You will not be able to keep up, you will stop, and you will not feel good. We tried all or nothing. Let's try baby steps instead. 

You will receive an introduction email + mini video upon purchase!

The course is $400 for the 6 weeks of emailed videos and unlimited coaching via email. I charge $100 an hour for 1 on 1 coaching, so $400 for unlimited emailed access is a steal!

Have you said any of these things?

I'm an all or nothing person, but it's not working.
I want to learn how to eat 1 cookie without eating the entire package of cookies.
I just want to feel normal around food.


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